IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, the Queering the Collections Network and STUDIO i organise a celebratory moment of launching the Baseline project’s result, which is a digital publication that brings together five queer or color perspectives on contemporary Dutch museum and heritage spaces. The online launch is on Wednesday 29th September, 4 – 5.30 pm CEST via Zoom. Registration by email: queering@ihlia.nl. Link will be sent to registrants on the morning of the 29th. Inspired by the Queering the Collections network’s initiatives, the chapters engage with different layers of cultural institutions that, borrowing from the Museum Association, are organized according to particular P’s: Programming, Partners, Personel, and two added by STUDIO i being Pronkstuk (Collection) and Persoonlijk (personal). The 46-page Dutch language publication Baseline is presented as a model for how the Dutch museum section could or might one day look like. During the online event, we will centre the discussion on the P’s addressed in the publication, by inviting each of the five contributors to make a 2-minute statement relating to their research. From there on we invite two respondents from the QTC network to open up for a conversation going deeper into each specific research, draw parallels between them, and eventually also bring the audience present into the discussion.


Jo-Ann With (Persoonlijk), Michel Andrés Forero Parra (Partners), Joost Vormeer (Personeel), Daisy Lambert (Pronkstuk), and Liang-kai Yu (Programma).

Respondents from QTC

Setareh Nourani, R&D – Collecting Otherwise, Archive Explorations: Het Nieuwe Instituut and Henri Sandront, Content & Community Relation Manager: Hartwig Art Foundation.


Jim van Geel, Curator Public Program: IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, together with Eliza Steinbock, Associate Professor Gender and Diversity Studies at Maastricht University.




By email: queering@ihlia.nl Link will be sent to registrants on the morning of the 29th  

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